On the next instalment of Karakter, we spotlight a unique artist. Hailing from Antwerp, Belgium, Gaelian the man behind  Y O K O C H O, produces live dance electronic music and records his live performances on cassettes. His unique work is replete with esoteric experimentalism, drum machines, synths and a healthy dose of acid bass lines.

We are proud to make his first release, a 4 tracks EP of nostalgic melancholic electro, with a sonic palette of saturated distortion ... a warm journey trough retro videos soundtracks, 90´s house and tropical islands.





Karakter is a label and cult for devoted followers of alternative electronic music founded in Amsterdam in 2016 with one objective: to discover and promote a solid alternative to the formulaic tendencies deeply rooted in most modern electronica.


We have a strong preference to sell our music via Bandcamp.  Why? Because is more fair for us, our artists and for our fans.  Please, take a moment to learn more about Bandcamp and its "Fair Trade Music Policy".