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Manycure is Tiago de Castro, a young Portuguese producer from Lisbon. He is one of the founders of the collective Human Afterall, has works edited by Micro Digital, Two Dots Recordings and the Berlin based label, KODX. He has already showcased his talents as resident of EGO events at EKA Palace and Lux Frágil in Lisbon among other places throughout Portugal.

Tiago is obsessed by the hypnotic side of sound, mostly associated with repetition and simplicity of elements, alongside the emotional strand achieved through melody. A daring combination, yet fruitful nonetheless. We like those who risk, those who are not afraid to go crazy or misunderstood, those who innovate, those who jump without fear: these are the people who often have the marks of history.So, how to accurately describe Manycure's latest addition to the Karakter chapters? Pulsating, hypnotic rhythms combined with soul-piercing synths perhaps explains it best. Both ‘Hypocrite’ and ‘Hear her‘ slowly entrench themselves into the mind, ambiguous in its mood by walking a thin line between ominous and hopeful. K#004 - Hypocrite is available now on our Bandcamp store.



Karakter Records' latest installment stems from the current epicentre of rhythmic electronics and is crafted by the hands of Eyal Ben Shimon, also known as Olsvangèr. The Tel-Aviv resident has already showcased his multitude of talents as resident at Piano House, recent gigs at Breakfast Club and The Block and as one of the pillars of rave community BOR.  On K#003, he utilizes this versatility as a weapon, creating two monsters of tracks, each with its own set of characteristics.   K#003 - Mental Contest,  is now available on our Bandcamp store.

 Sat 25 Nov, 17 - T.B.C.  Lisboa, PT | Pedro Martins b2b Guido de Beer (Karakter)

Fri 13 Oct, 17 - Bootleg, Tel Aviv, ISR | Pedro Martins  w/ Switchdance

Thu 12 Oct, 17 - Pergamon, Jerusalem, ISR |  Pedro Martins w/ Switchdance

Tue 03 Oct, 17 - Body Breakfast, Amsterdam, NL | Pedro Martins 

Sat 23 Sep, 17 - Sisyphos, Berlin, DE | Pedro Martins

Fri 22 Sep, 17 - Birgit, Berlin, DE | Pedro Martins b2b Guido de Beer  (Karakter)

Sat 26 Aug, 17 - Schwedlersee, Frankfurt, DE | Pedro Martins

Sat 26 Aug, 17 - Mysteryland Festival, Amsterdam, NL | Guido de Beer

Sat 12 Aug, 17 - Het Magazijn, Den Haag, NL | Pedro Martins w/ Dave DK

Sat 05 Aug, 17 - The Nighttribe, Utrecht, NL | Pedro Martins b2b Guido de Beer

Sat 29 Jul, 17 - Het Magazijn, Den Haag, NL | Guido de Beer w/ Caleesi

Fri 14 Jul, 17 - Wildeburg, Kraggenburg, NL | Guido de Beer


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